About Saukhya

Saukhya Consultancy is a center for ‘Lifestyle Disorders and Pain Management’, located at B T Kawade road, in the city of Pune. The location is unique as it is easily accessible in all the four directions from Magarpatta city, Fatima nagar, Camp area and Koregaon park.

Saukhya Consultancy was started with an aim to serve people, manage chronic diseases and the ever growing life style disorders through Holistic Medicine of Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Nutrition.

With our medically qualified doctors in Naturopathy and Yoga, Saukhya Consultancy, wants to serve the people through various Natural therapies, Nutritional guidance, Yoga therapy and Acupuncture, all of which has no ill effects (unlike side effects of drugs) and heals the person from within , on physical, mental, psychological, social and spiritual planes of being!!

Our motto is to heal various diseases & disorders through our unique, affordable (W)Holistic therapies and also to educate people, about healthy lifestyle, so as to promote healthy living and preventive healthcare in a true sense.

Along with the following criteria in mind, the therapy packages were designed to serve people to the best of our ability.
1. Safety and efficacy
2. Cost, in both time and money
3. Doctors Credentials
4. Scientific evidence supporting treatment and therapies 

In a nutshell, Total Mind-Body Healing through –

a. Therapeutic Diet and Nutrition
b. Naturopathic Therapies  (Therapy Massage, Water therapy, Shirodhara, Steam Baths, Therapy packs)
c. Yoga therapy
d. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy
e. Exercise/Rehabilitation
f. Acupuncture therapy

Saukhya Consultancy aims to integrate Evidence-based Traditional Health Systems with mainstream medicine so as to enable practice of ‘Evidence-based Integrative Medicine’. We endeavor to bring the best of substantiated medical practices (modern medicine, Indian systems of medicine and traditional medicine – western and eastern) under one roof and offer authentic evidence-based treatment protocols to health-seekers.