Online Consultations

When you are unable to come personally, you can always consult online. Get rid of your disorders & be healthy through ‘Saukhya Health Chart’ of Naturopathic Diet, Yoga therapy & Lifestyle Management, by an Online Consultation with Dr Prasad Kulkarni!
It is easy, accessible and applicable mode of Lifestyle Modification therapy, to heal or cure your health issues. The Saukhya Wellness Chart will be mailed, after you have filled in the details of your problems.

Procedure –

  • Fill in your name and health disorder or health issues along with clinical reports, if available
  • After we receive your details we will contact you through phone or give you a feedback for the same.
  • Details for the Online transfer of Fees will be provided.
  • On receiving the payment, your Chart will be mailed.

What is Saukhya Naturopathic Diet & Yoga Chart??

From morning till evening, a person is eating or drinking, according to his habits! When a person is having any disorder, he should eat therapeutic diet & practice breathing therapy exercises, to get rid of his/her symptoms, as like any tablet, which is specifically taken for specific disease! When a person follows the Therapeutic Diet , Yoga therapy & Exercise program, which is prescribed, the symptoms of the disorder/disease, reduce subsequently, but more importantly, as the person changes his eating pattern, his lifestyle, his/her health parameters, along with vital energy (prana shakti) improves, healing the person from within, without side effects!

  • Eat the prescribed food medicine, along with your daily lunch and dinner.
  • The chart which will be prescribed will have easily accessible and do-able food therapy, where you need not sacrifice any food item, but just get in tune/harmony with your body, and help the body by taking responsibility to heal from within!
  • Practice the Yoga therapy prescribed according to your problems
  • Start seeing the results within a month!